• Helping children discover and understand that they are loved by God, created in His image and valued by the price He paid through His son Jesus Christ
  • Sharing Bible stories and music within the classroom as well as a weekly chapel time

Physical Well Being

  • Outdoor Play
  • Help children develop and enhance gross motor skills and coordination
  • Help children develop fine motor skills through games, manipulatives, beginning writing skills and projects



  • Teaching children to problem solve and think critically
  • Teaching children to identify, quantify and order numbers through counting, sorting, comparing  and manipulating objects
  • Teaching vocabulary using activities, games and projects to enhance and develop a broader understanding of language as it relates to math, science, geography and daily life skills Language, Literacy & Communication 

Healthy Habits

  • Help children to understand and practice good hygiene, physical exercise and healthy eating



  • Teaching children to recognize the written alphabet as well as the names and sounds associated with each letter
  • Helping children develop their comprehension through story time with attention placed on predicting as well as recalling details
  • Helping children develop writing skills through pictures as well as early word discover
  • Helping children learn to communicate using oral language to tell stories, relate events as well as express emotions, concerns and needs
  • Teaching children phonological awareness to prepare them for future reading.


Social & Emotional

  • Helping children develop friendships with peers
  • Helping children develop and use self control in regards to rules, routines and relationships


Preschool 3/4 year old Class

We have two classes available for our three/four year olds. One class meets on Monday & Tuesday from 9:15-11:45, while the second class meets Thursday & Friday from 9:15 -11:45. Mrs. Tift’s classes work on developmentally appropriate social skills, colors, shapes, numbers and letters. The children are encouraged to explore creativity through a multitude of mediums. Learning through play is an essential element of this classroom.

Pre-K Kindergarten Readiness

Our goal is to engage children in learning through hands on projects, simple science experiments, cooperative learning and directed instruction. We work on recognition of upper and lower case letters, the sounds associated with them and the fine motor skills to write them. Counting to at least 30 but preferably to 100 by ones and tens as well as understanding how to group, compare, sort and order will be focused on throughout the year. We continue working on the social skills they will need such as taking turns, quiet listening, sharing and being kind to others. Our goal is that every child will feel confident moving into Kindergarten after attending Camano Lutheran Preschool.

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